Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long may I keep the rentals? A: The rental rate includes 3 days so you can pick them up the day before the event and drop off the day after. Our standard delivery also includes 3 days. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need same day delivery, pick up or an extended rental. Extra fees may apply. 

Q: What are the pickup times? A: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 12pm-6PM. Sunday 12PM-5PM. We are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q: Where do we pick them up? A: 1927 Oakland Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27106. Please park in the driveway when you arrive (we won't hear you if you go to the front door). We are on a corner lot so the driveway is on Loch Drive. Yes, this is a residential neighborhood. Please make sure to bring proper transportation and straps.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount? A: Yes. The minimum order for delivery is $150 which does not include the delivery fee. The minimum is $75 (subtotal) for all self pick up orders.

Q: How much is delivery? A: The standard driveway delivery fee includes pickup and is $88 for orders between $150-$450. Please contact us for a delivery quote if your order is over $450, your event is over 16 miles from us, your venue is downtown (not a driveway delivery) or if you need same day delivery and pick up.  

Q: What does Driveway Delivery include?  Driveway delivery is for events at most residential homes, business parking lots or anywhere that our driver can park on a paved surface and drop off within 10ft of our truck/trailer. We will pack your items, deliver them to your location, stack them in your driveway or garage (think Amazon delivery).You will need to have all rentals stacked the way it was left at delivery for pickup the day after your event.  We will provide a 3 hour delivery window one day before your event. 

Q: Do you deliver to other cities? A: Yes, we charge the standard delivery fee for the first 16 miles and then an additional $10+ for each additional mile.

Q: What are your delivery restrictions? A: We only drive on paved asphalt/concrete. We will not drive on gravel or grass. We will drop off the rentals in the driveway or garage. Tents can be installed up to 20 feet from our truck. We use carts to deliver our rentals so we do not go up stairs, steep hills, deep or wet grass or gravel. Please call before placing an order if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: Is the time listed on my reservation my delivery or self pick up time? No. The time listed on your reservation is integrated into our online system to prevent overbooking. We will contact you one day before the event and provide a 3 hour window for delivery. Please contact us one day before the event to schedule self pick ups during our operating hours. 

Q: Is my lot suitable for a tent? A: It is very important that you measure your space, make sure the lot is reasonably level and that you locate any underground wiring, plumbing, septic tanks and sprinkler systems before renting. Please make sure that you do not have branches, telephone wires, etc. that will interfere with the tent. Each tent has specific requirements so please read the description and requirements carefully. Contact us if you have any questions.

Q: How does pickup work? A: Simply have the rental chairs and tables cleaned and stacked the way we left them. Linens can be bagged (please save the hangers) and decor/dishware placed back in the containers we delivered them in. All plates must be scraped to avoid a cleaning fee. You do not need to be onsite so long as we have permission to enter the property.

Q: Do I need to wash any of the rentals? A: All tables, chairs and decor items must be returned clean and dry whether we are picking them up or you are returning them to our location. We recommend covering the rentals with a tarp if rain is expected. A cleaning fee will be charged to the card on file if chairs or tables are returned dirty or wet. All decor items also need to be returned as you received them. We will take care of washing the linens and dishes, however, excess food debris must be scraped off before placing them back into the containers to avoid a cleaning fee.

Q: How do I request a flower quote? A: Just email us the date of the event, quantities and types of arrangements you need and we are happy to provide a quote! Inspirational photos are always helpful!

Q: I see that you are closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Can we rent the rentals from Monday-Thursday? We can often accommodate. Please call contact us to check availability. We will need to provide a custom quote. 

Q: Do you offer custom silk flower arrangements? A: No. We do, however, have a selection of rental silk arrangements on our rental decor page.

Q: Do you require a deposit? A: Yes. A 50% non refundable deposit is required on all orders. This will be applied to the final balance.

Q: What if we need to cancel? A: The 50% deposit is non refundable. All balances are due 7 days before the event date. We will refund any additional funds that you paid beyond the 50% deposit if you cancel more than 7 days before the event date. This excludes fresh flowers (details on your floral contract).

Q: How do I pay my balance? A:You can follow the link on your deposit receipt to make a payment at any time. If the balance is not paid 7 days before the event, the balance will automatically be placed on the card on file. You may also call us during business hours to make a payment.

Q: What if I have to cancel due to Covid? A: As of 06/09/2020, we will no longer be refunding deposits. All balances are due 7 days prior to the event date and are non refundable at that time.

Q: May we request a copy of your contract? A: Absolutely. We are happy to email you a copy of the contract at any time. You will also receive a link to the contract to sign once you place a deposit through our online system.

Still have a question? Call or Write: 336-655-0010

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